Common Causes Of Pain In Your Shoulders, Back and Neck

Back pain, whether in the lower, middle, or upper back, is prevalent since the central nervous system runs along the spine, and there are a variety of things that might elicit a reaction, leading pain to appear in unexpected areas. Lower back pain is significantly more prevalent than upper back pain or discomfort between the two scapulae in terms of back pain. However, if you do have discomfort in the shoulder blade area, knowing what some of the more typical causes are can be useful. Lung cancer, liver cancer, torticollis (neck twisting), esophageal cancer, and a variety of other diseases and syndromes are among the rare but serious causes. Trauma is a well-known source of discomfort. A broken collarbone, rotator cuff injury, or shoulder separation, as well as a spinal injury, could be the cause. Another source of pain would be a muscular strain or a sprained ligament. The scapulae, on the other hand, are rarely injured.